Off-Road EMS was started by Dr. Ken Gilden in memory of his good friend Cliff Matlock who was killed driving a RZR in Mexico.

Cliff Matlock Face

Cliff Matlock

Cliff Matlock passed away Saturday February 2nd, 2013. He and his wife Marla were down in Mexico doing what they loved. They were outside of Ojos when they came around a blind corner and a Jeep Cherokee was on their side of the road. Cliff tried to avoid the Jeep by turning to the right but with little time he was t-boned by the Jeep. Cliff passed instantly and did not suffer. Marla suffered bruising and several pinched spinal nerves that Dr. Ken Gilden adjusted for her.

Dr. Ken Gilden was a firefighter and worked on an ambulance before becoming a Chiropractor.

Off-Road EMS is a volunteer organization with members comprised of First Aid Res-ponders, Firefighters, EMT, Nurses, Chiropractors and Medical Doctors.

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