Welcome to Off-Road EMS

Off-Road EMS is a volunteer organization that is dedicated to making your time Off-Road fun and safe.

A fun trip can turn into a disaster when someone in your group gets seriously hurt.  No one thinks that they will get hurt, but part of having fun on your bike or side by side is pushing the envelop to see what you and the machine are capable of.

Accidents that result in even minor injury can become life threatening when you are miles from help.

Imagine you miss the turn and go off the trail and hit a tree or bush that results in a stick puncturing your chest or abdomen.  Does your group have the resources or the knowledge to keep you from bleeding out before you can make it to a hospital.  A hard hit even through a chest protector can cause death if not treated immediately.

Most injuries that Off-Road EMS will address are not life threatening, but wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry.

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